Marcin Gortat Loves his Cars

Posted on June 11, 2014 by Adam Bradley

Marcin Gortat loves his cars more than I love almost anything in life.  

I can't blame him, when you have an 800HP BMW and a new Ferrari in the garage, whats not to love?  

For me, my favorite thing about Gortat's love affair for his cars is that he calls his $100K cars... toys.  Toy cars have come a long way from the Jeep Power Wheels I use to roll around my neighborhood in.  

Gortat's favorite ride is his 800HP BMW M5 with all black everything; exterior, interior, rims and tint.  Gortat was motivated by Fast and the Furious to purchase the BMW. 

Look at Gortat stand in awe of his freshly-cleaned ride... or he's staring at his reflection? 
There he goes with his toy again.

And Gortat added a new toy to his lineup recently, a brand new Ferrari that has the dopest steering wheel I thought only existed in arcade games. Disclaimer: I don't suggest for kids to emulate Gortat on the roads but I do suggest we admire the cars performance. Living at 8K RPM's, that car is a machine, an Italian machine. 
Now, I've never claimed to be a master negotiator but I do know the basics; cater to your audience, speak their proverbial "language" and entice them as much as possible, so keeping that in mind, should the Wizards throw in a new toy for Gortat during upcoming negotiations?

We even discussed Gortat's car love affair on our recent episode of WizardsXTRA.

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