Wizards Xtra Podcast 4/24/14

Posted on April 24, 2014 by Wizards XTRA

Join Adam, Jammal and Andrew as they discuss all things Wizards. 

Segment One; 

Wizards are up 2-0 against Chicago, the team shares their thoughts on the series thus far, the level of their hypeness, discuss a few things that need to no longer discussed and what is concerning them the most. 

"Games 1 and 2"

Segment Two: 

Mike Prada from SB Nation and Bullets Forever

"Mike Prada of SB Nation Calls In"

Segment Three: 

The team previews Game 3 and 4 and talks about the 5-things all Wizards fans going to game 3 HAVE to do. 

"Games 3 and 4 Preview"

Full Show ... Listen Here

"Wizards Xtra Podcast 4/24/14"

next up:

5-Things ALL Wizards Fans Going to the Game 3 MUST Do.

April 23, 2014

Are you ready for Friday night? 5-Things ALL Wizards Fans Going to the Game 3 MUST Do.


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