Wizards Fans Speak: Suggestions for Playoff Game Day Experience

Posted on March 16, 2014 by Adam Bradley

For those in attendance or watching on TV last night as the Wizards beat the Nets, were reminded of what a playoff atmosphere in Verizon Center could feel like.  The place was electric and everyone felt it

Wizards fans are ready for playoff basketball to return to DC and have already started brainstorming ideas to make Verizon Center the ultimate home court advantage IF AND WHEN (Important non-jinxing disclaimer) this team makes the playoffs. 

Arenas like Oracle in Golden State and Chesapeake Energy in Oklahoma City have set the bar but Washington can surpass it. 

Creating an electric environment does more than create a strong home court advantage, it gives the fans an opportunity to show the world what basketball in DC really means to our city.  

Here's an idea that absolutely 100% has to happen IF AND WHEN playoff basketball comes back to DC.  

The conversation started here with @CarbonPrimo

And then @mrbmendoza15 and @Hibachi_43 jumped in on the discussion and @Hibachi_43 created this mark-up:

Photo Credit: @Hibachi_43

This look would epitomize the nations capital and mirror the current Red, White & Blue in the same order as they are presented on Wizards uniforms.

Or maybe it could look like this: 

WE (WIZARDS NATION) needs to make this happen.  Share this link and tell your friends.  What a glorious site this will be to see IF AND WHEN playoff basketball returns to DC. 

If you have any additional ideas or suggestions please leave them below or tweet @WIzardsXTRA as we'll be updating this post between now and IF AND WHEN playoff basketball returns to DC.  

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