Thanks To Red Bull for Giving John Wall his Wings All-Star Weekend

Posted on February 25, 2014 by Adam Bradley

Photo Credit: RedBullNC

Many have made remarks they wish Adidas would create more custom shoes for John Wall, well it appears they have. 

During All-Star weekend John Wall teamed up with Red Bull NC to participate in a few ASG charity festivities.  John has been an avid Red Bull drinker for a while and a few years ago teamed up to represent Red Bull.  

“I drink Red Bull all the time before games. It gets me hyped up. It gives me energy, that speed, that boost in games.” Wall says.

Many were wondering where John got his hops to win the slam dunk contest, maybe it was the Red Bull or maybe it was the shoes?  

Its gotta be the shoes

Speaking of the shoes, these shoes are crazy.  They remind of a superheroes shoes, or superhero Thor's helmet.  I'd be tripping over myself if I had to walk around town in these. 

Photo Credit: RedBullNC

(Photos Via RedBullNC Instagram)

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