Al Harrington celebrating the legacy of MLK and dressed in all "custom."

Posted on January 20, 2014 by Adam Bradley

I'm a big fan of Al Harrington.  I'm an even bigger fan of how Al Harrington will help this Wizards frontcourt stretch the floor the moment he gets back on the court.  I'm also a big fan of Al's suit game... more on that later.  

Today, I think everyone should be a fan of Al Harrington for another reason.

Since he's still a few weeks away, Harrington took advantage of his available time to help celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. 

Harrington along with: broadcaster Christy Winters Scott were part of the panel that featured DC teacher Julia King, former Wizards player Tony Massenburg, Mystics assistant coach Eric Thibault and Children’s National Medical Center’s Dr. Marcee White.

The event was an interactive panel discussion for 50 high school students talking about the relevance of MLK's impact on the world today. 

“It was my honor to take part in the panel” said Harrington. “I hope that by sharing my story and my dreams, I was able to help the kids who attended today’s event.” 

These events are terrific and I applaud all members that participated.  

I also want to applaud Al Harrington's fashion designer.  

Unfortunately due to his injury that has sidelined Harrington since mid-November, Wizards fans have seen more of Harrington in dress clothes than his uniform.  

Harrington always brings the fire with his dress code and its clear our definition of "fire" is slightly different.  

During a road game earlier this month in January, Harrington had a fresh blazer on, which led me to think, he must've gotten that at Nordstroms (my fire) but I quickly learned that wash't the case.  

Al's set-up is custom!  Only custom.

After some further investigating it appears there's another option, could Harrington be shopping at Nordstrom Rack but claiming custom?  If so, he's pulling one of my tricks.  

Either way, shout-out to Harrington and shout-out to Martin Luther King Jr. as we take this special day to celebrate a special man.

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