The Wizards Take Down the Bulls in Chicago

Posted on January 13, 2014 by Carlton Holliday Jr.

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The Wizards have won seven of their last nine games on the road.  They defeated the Bulls, 102-88 and silenced "The Windy City."

WISEWIZ STAT: The Washington Wizards scored over 100 points, which the Chicago Bulls have only allowed eight times this season. 

The Wizards started the first quarter in Chicago hitting perimeter shots with the help of excellent ball movement, resulting in 17 assists at the conclusion of the first half.  The Wizards finished the first half hitting  59%of their shots, going 23/39 from  the field.  The Wiz were feeling it on offense . However, their interior defense was not as strong as it should've been.  

The Bulls made multiple agressive cuts to the basket resulting in open layups and fouls called in their favor.   Despite the Bulls finishing the first half shooting a solid 45% from the field, the Wiz looked pretty much in control of the game from tip-off.  The Wizards' largest lead by halftime was 15. The Bulls would  claw back and dwindle the Wizards' lead down to single digits, but they never threatened the Wizards. The good guys  remained in control and looked to easily be the better team in the matchup, until the third quarter.

The Bulls went on an eight point run to start the first three minutes of the second half.  The Bulls began hitting perimeter shots to go along with their stout inerior play. Coach Whittman was forced to call a timeout to regather his squad but to no avail the Wizards looked up only to see that they've squandered their lead.  

It was a new ball game and the Bulls would eventually cut the lead to as little as four. At that moment the Wiz began playing with a little more intensity, killing any chance of a comeback for the Bulls.

John Wall and Nene led the team in scoring with 19 points a piece. They both made timely shots and passes setting up teammates for high percentage shots.  The Wizards spread the ball around and shared the love in "The Heartland of America."

GOOD MOVE:The Wizards looked to have put an emphasis on making the extra pass. Rather than having a lot of isolation plays, the ball moved like a hot potato. They finished the game with 25 assists. 

BAD MOVE: The Wizards woes at the free throw line continues.  They shot miserably from the free throw line, 7/14 in the first half.  The thirteen point lead at halftime should've been larger, if only the Wiz would've capitalized on their charity strike opportunities. They finished the game shooting from the free throw line 17/28. If the Wizards want to pick up signature wins against elite teams they must start shooting more effectively from the line. 

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