Wizards React to a Couple Questionable Calls in the First Half

Posted on January 05, 2014 by Trevor Jackson

Night and and night out there are questionable calls that go both ways in any NBA game, that's just the way it is. We all know how it goes, it was always the "other guy" who committed the foul.

The Wizards had two such calls go against them in the first half of tonight's game vs the Warriors. The first one involved Trevor Booker, who clearly did not agree that he should have been called for a blocking foul. We couldn't see what all was said on camera, but his off camera action or words was enough to lead to a technical foul. Booker's call resulted in 3 points for the Warriors as Steph Curry knocked down the technical shot and Andre Iguodala hit both of his free throws. Check out Booker's reaction below:

Bradley Beal also didn't like the call on him near the end of the second quarter. It appears he chases down Iguodala and makes a clean (or at least pretty close to clean) block on him. He is whistled for the foul and doesn't like the call. Once the crowd is shown the call, they react basically the same way except a little louder. Iggy made 1 of 2 at the line with this call. Here is Beal's play.

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