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Posted on January 05, 2014 by Carlton Holliday Jr.

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Nicknames have become a much more common trend in the NBA.  Most fans will forever remember players because of classic nicknames like: Magic, Larry Legend, the Mailman, the Dream and His Airness.

These nicknames were great and will forever last because they were both catchy and timeless.

All of the greats had a nickname that summed up their skills and talents on the court. Some teams even had collective nicknames such as the “Bad Boys,” which the Detroit Pistons were referred to as in the late 80’s and early 90’s because of their tough and physical play. 

Today, the Miami Heat have been referred to as the “Heatels” because they are the NBA’s biggest superstars and they have rock star type popularity.

It’s also fitting that some of the more popular individual nicknames are held on the roster of the Miami Heat.  Some players of the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets may have the opportunity to have their popular nicknames worn on the backs of their jerseys one day very soon. 

King James, The Flash, Jesus Shuttlesworth, Birdman, the Big Ticket, the Truth and AK47 are just a few of those very popular nicknames which are on the rosters of the Heat and Nets.

The Washington Wizards have been playing great this season and we must come up with a nickname for the team and some of its players here in Washington.

A few potential nicknames for John Wall are:  “The Operator,” because he plays in the phone booth which is the nickname for the Wizards’ home, the Verizon Center. The Operator is also fitting because he facilitates Washington’s offense and he is ranked third in the entire NBA in assists, averaging 8.8 assists per game.

Another catchy nickname for John Wall would be, “The Great Wall” of Chinatown. John Wall is having a stellar season thus far and he is definitely one of the best Point Guards and players in the entire league. Wall is ranked in the top 20 throughout the league in scoring. He is ranked fourth in steals, tenth in minutes played and fourth among all Point Guards in blocks. Wall has proven himself to be a more than worthy candidate for an All-Star selection this season.

Bradley Beal also is deserving of a nickname. The sophomore sensation has been nothing but, “The Beal Deal.”  He is following up a great rookie campaign with an even better second year.

Bradley Beal should be referred to as, “Blue Magic.”  Beal is a sharp shooter and he has probably the purest jump shots in the NBA. He is also one of the more effective scorers in the league.  His shots drop in wizardly like fashion.  He is ranked ninth among all Shooting Guards in scoring and eighth among all Shooting Guards in 3 point shooting percentage. Beal is almost automatic if he gets even the slightest bit of open space on the court

The Wizards' starting Center already has a popular nickname across the league.  Marcin Gortat also known as  "The Polish Hammer,"  has been a huge contributor for this Washington squad.  Gortat has made his presence felt in the paint both on offense and defense. He leads this Wizards squad in rebounding, blocks and field goal percentage.  This season he's been one of the best big men in the league.  His dominant presence in the paint is something that has been missing in Washington for years. 

Washington’s starting back court tandem has led the Wiz-kids to a great start this season.  The Wizards are one of the younger teams in the NBA and if they continues to play well they will get some more attention across the league and maybe even a few All-Star selections. 

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