John Wall Rocks Some Serious Spiked Shoes After Wizards Game

Posted on January 01, 2014 by Trevor Jackson

John's suit after the Wiz lost to the Mavs. Note his fresh eye wear above his right eye after catching a Dirk elbow.

Photo Credit: Instagram - TruthAboutIt

John Wall's shoe game is on point, or a lot of points if you count all the spikes on his post game shoes following the 87-78 loss to the Mavericks Wednesday night.

In the post game locker room, Wall had on a red suit and fresh eye bandages from a cut he sustained from an elbow during the game, but it was his spiked shoes that seem to have stole the show when scrolling through Wizards Twitter. 

According to Michael Lee, the shoes are Red Bottom Louboutins that go for about $1,200. Check out some photos of the shoes below:

via @TheRealTPruitt

via @JMichaelCSN

via truthaboutit

via @MrMichaelLee

These bad boys look like they could double as a weapon if necessary. J. Michael agrees. Hate to catch an old fashioned butt kicking while someone is rocking those.

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