Top-10 Twitter Follows for a Die-Hard Wizards Fan

Posted on November 15, 2013 by Adam Bradley

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Are you a Twitter junkie?  Are you a Wizards fan?  

The WizardsXTRA team got together and voted in-house on our top-10, must follow's for all Wizards fans.  We incorporated a few rules: 

The voting parameters were very simple: if you could only follow 10-accounts for your Wizards fix (whether its based on news, comedy, interaction, etc...) which 10 would you follow?  We narrowed down the voting to these ten (in no particular order)

  • Michael Lee: @MrMichaelLee - No one covers the Wizards like the Michael Lee.  One of the few folks that travel for every game (even to gorgeous Brazil) and covers the team providing all the inside stories.  One of (if not THE) most connected member of Wizards media.  
  • Wizzntzz: @Wzzntzz - I don't believe anyone has ever seen or met the person (I think its a person) behind Wzzntzz although according to his/her Twitter profile they live in Wheaton, MD.  But as a Wizards fan, we need to get a good laugh in and this is the account to help us.  You won't understand half their tweets but thats okay, just roll with it.  We be liking the Wzzntzz account they be makin us laugh and dey love cereal.  Here's a Twitter glimpse:
  • BulletsForever: @BulletsForever -  The Washington Wizards blog on SB Nation.  These fellas bring the heat!  The consistency and quality of their blog is second to none and with the great web set-up on the SB Nation platform the chatrooms and threads can be a great place to hangout for Wizards fans. 
  • Adam McGinnis: @AdamMcGinnis -  Adam covers the Wizards for Truth About It (ESPN's True Hoop Wizards Blog - who also is on the list) but if you're interested in following a fun, interactive Wizards account who is not afraid to share his opinion of our team, give McGinnis a follow. 
  • Kyle Wiedie: @TruthAboutIt - The Founder of TruthAboutIt, Kyle shares a unique perspective on the Wizards and with over 5 years of Wizards coverage under his belt he's seen the highs(?) and lows of our organization.  Be prepared, when Kyle starts writing, 2500+ words later, you will be enlightened. 
  • Dan Steinberg: @DCSportsBog - Despite not focusing primarily on the Wizards even though you would've thought he was for a long stretch between 09'-12" Dan captures all the funny, quirky and off the beaten path stories for the Wizards.  When one of the players gets a new snake or the guys announce their new favorite cereal, Dan will have the story.  It's an important job and someone has to do it.
  • Monumental Network: @MonumentalNtwrk - Being provided access to the team like no other, this allows for behind the scenes action you can't get other places.  Blogs, videos, interviews, etc... where the Wizards players are, Monumental is right behind.  
  • Danny: @RecordsAndRadio - Dan Steinberg's unpaid assistant.  Not really but kinda sorta.  Nonetheless, all those funky vines, instagrams of John Wall riding a bicycle down Hollywood Blvd, etc... let Danny do the Twitter research and find all those gems.  Then just stalk his timeline afterwards, much more efficient that way. 
  • Mike Prada: @MikePradaSBN - When you hear the term: "a student of the game" they may be referring to Mike Prada.  He defines being a student of the game and is a basketball head unlike many others.  A very insightful and educational follow.  Be prepared, some days its as if he's tweeting on a coaches board, X's & O's breakdowns. 
  • HoopDistrictDC: @HoopDistrictDC - Hoop District (aka the former WizardsExtreme), these fellas love themselves some Wizards.  A group of passionate fans who aren't afraid to share exactly what they think about our Wizards.  

Honorable mentions: @TedLeonsis - @WizofAwes - @BenStandig - @JMichaelCSN - @Cmillscsn - @UkhanNBA - @MimiPh - @BenAgent0 - @Abstract_cool - @HouseFromDC - @Broom_Kevin - @ConorDDirks - @CaseyReporting - @AkbarNaqvi - @JakeWhitacre - @DC_Fusion

Did we leave someone off the list that needed to be included?  Tweet us at: @WizardsXTRA

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