Nene should check himself before calling out teammates

Posted on November 14, 2013 by Trevor Jackson

"Where's everyone's head at?"

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The Wizards lost to the Spurs last night, because the Wizards always lose to the Spurs. After the game, Wizards big man Nene had some interesting comments regarding some of his teammates, per to Michael Lee of the Washington Post:

       "It's crazy, that's what makes me mad. Our young guys think they're so smart. But if I was young, I would watch video of that game for one week to see if I could learn something, because the way they play is how you’'e supposed to play."

       "They have great players, a great team, but the way they execute things, the way they cut, the way they exploit weaknesses, swing the ball. They don't think about stats. We still think about stats. Our young guys must take their heads out their butts and play the right way, because I'm getting tired of this."

Look, I get it. I understand Nene is frustrated. Everyone involved with the organization is frustrated. We as fans are frustrated.

But he shouldn't be calling out teammates after a loss when he himself really didn't contribute or "execute", as he put it. Nene finished the game with 4 points, 2 rebounds, 0 free throw attempts and didn't do much on the defensive end to help slow down Tiago Splitter and Boris Diaw.

And what "young guys" is he talking about? John Wall and Bradley Beal? Sure they have been inconsistent to start the season, but they are playing tough and play the right way. Is he talking about the guys who don't really see court time, Booker-Rice-Porter-Singleton-Temple? I guess technically speaking he could be calling out everyone outside of Al Harrington since he is the 2nd oldest on the team.

Nene's consistency needs to pick up as well. I'd say a better time to start pointing blame at your teammates is after you have a 20 point, 8 rebound, 3 assist performance....but then again those numbers usually lead to wins and not angry quotes in the media. Again I understand his frustration, just think he could have picked a better time to start pointing fingers at everyone else then coming off of a terrible game and going 12 of 24 over his last two dozen free throws. 

Hopefully Nene will be fine and will have more above average games then last night's outlier. And who knows, maybe the young guys will hear him and get the message.

       ".....I'm getting tired of this."

We are too. Let's just hope Al Harrington doesn't have to start calling out the younger guys on the team.

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