The Time Is Now For The Wizards To Turn This Season Around

Posted on November 14, 2013 by Trevor Jackson

The Wizards are coming off a road trip where they went 0 for 3 and have to return home to DC with their tail between their legs as they are now sporting a 2-6 overall record. At this point, even one more win putting them at 3-5 looks a hundred times better than 2-6. The Wiz are doing their usual early season routine of getting off to as slow a start as possible.

John Wall isn't playing up to his potential and is settling for too many jumpers instead of getting to the rack more consistently, as evidenced by his 37.9% shooting from the floor. Bradley Beal has been strong at points, but also inconsistent as he has shot under 40% from the field in half of his games so far. Nene too has struggled with consistency as he looks spectacular one night as the focal point of the offense and then lackluster the next. Trevor Ariza is Trevor Ariza, but he has been the only semi-consistent starter outside of Marcin Gortat.

So while there is definite cause for concern, there is no reason to throw the season away and start the lottery watch just yet. It is still extremely early on in the season, and Washington will have it's chance to turn things around coming up here soon. The next 7 games are going to tell us a lot about this team, and whether they can win some of the games that they should be expected to.

Five of the next seven games are against Eastern Conference teams, none of which have a winning record at this point. The only team with a winning record over this stretch is Minnesota, who sits at 6-3 and will play the Wizards in DC.

The Wizards get Cleveland (3-6) twice, Toronto (4-5), New York (3-4), and Milwaukee (2-5). As you can see, as of this writing none of the Eastern Conference teams on the upcoming slate are at or above .500. This is the perfect stretch for Washington to make some noise and get back some notches in the win the column. They also play the aforementioned Timberwolves, and host the Lakers (4-6) during this stretch. 

Sure it is still early, but there is no better time than the present to turn things around. Seven games. Seven games is what I am keeping my eye on. The Wizards need to do something soon before things start to get ugly.

The time is now.

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