Predictions For The Wizards 2013-14 Season

Posted on October 25, 2013 by Trevor Jackson

The preseason has come to an end and while Washington didn't have the success in the exhibition games they would like (2-5 record), they are primed and ready to start the new season on October 30th in which their goal will be to finally return to postseason action. While the roster may not be set in stone as trade rumors are swirling, we know who is available to start the season.

We've gathered some of our contributors to get their opinion and predictions for the 2013-14 season. Check them out below, and make sure you read all the way to the bottom to get to Terry's special edition predictions:

Leading Scorer:

     Asad Naqvi: Bradley Beal, 23.5 PPG. If the preseason was any indication, Bradley Beal will be a baller.  That man has lead scoring in every preseason game except the very first game.  Look for him to be our Ray Allen/Rip Hamilton.  Confidence is a great thing to have.

     Pasquale Prezioso: Bradley Beal is third among all players in PPG this preseason. While I highly doubt he’ll be battling Kevin Durant and James Harden for the league scoring title, Beal will have little problem sowing up leading the team in points. He’ll end up with a nice 18.6 scoring average. Part of me wants to go a little higher, but only nine players last season averaged 20 or more.

     Trevor Jackson: I am taking Bradley Beal here, with John Wall nipping at his heels all year. 19.6 points per game for Mr. Beal is my prediction. I see Wall hovering around that 18 point mark focusing more on passing, and Beal should be near 20 all year. Like Gilbert once said, 20 points isn't all that difficult, it's really just a layup, jumper, and a foul shot per quarter, or a layup and a three pointer.

     Cory Grubbs: I mean if you ask 100 people that cover NBA basketball this question, you should get the same answer every time. Bradley Beal is the Wizards best scorer hands down, and now that he is showing NBA veteran poise, patience, and confidence he should easily surpass last season's numbers. Brad Beal all the way here, as he puts up a cool 22 PPG. 

Predict The Record:

     Asad: 42-38. I feel like the Wizards will win more than 40 games this year.  Call me a optimist but I honestly feel like they will win games that are suppose to be a win such as the Charlotte Bobcats or any other bad team. 

     Pasquale: 32-50. Okafor's injury already leaves the team with a paper thin frontcourt, Nene is due for another inflammation of plantar fasciitis any day now, and I just can’t help but have a feeling that Wall or Beal are going to be out for awhile with something. There’s nothing scientific making me say this, just a bad feeling that's following me; a black cat in a Gilbert Arenas jersey, if you will.

     Trevor: 39-43. This prediction only gives us a 10 game improvement over last season's 29 wins, but I think it is a fair one. If Okafor can come back healthy I think we can add a few more to the win column. I'd obviously like to see us over .500, but past history has me siding on the low side.

     Cory: 44-38. I think a trade for another big man is imminent, and if the Wiz do acquire someone to fill in the gaping hole in the front court, 44 wins is not out of the question. Of course that prediction goes on the basis that Wall and Beal play at least 70+ games and Nene can play 65+ games. Playoffs, we're coming for ya!

Any All-Star Appearances?

     Asad: John Wall AND Bradley Beal. If John can play like he is now along with having tremendous stats and a winning record, then Wall will be going to his first all star game.  Brad Beal can do the same but he needs to score more than 23 and just light it up.  If not, then it won't happen. 

     Pasquale: All-Star Game? Not with Wade, Rose, Irving, and Deron Williams in the same conference as the team’s promising young backcourt. Beal will be in the Rookie-Sophomore Challenge, and former Bullet Chris Webber will be in the Shooting Stars Competition.

     Trevor: I am going to say yes, John Wall makes his first All-Star appearance. Like Pasquale mentioned, it's going to be tough sledding with Wade, Rose, Irving and D-Will, but I think Wall has the chance to jump ahead of Williams if he can keep his scoring numbers above 17 points per game. Plus those backup spots are picked by the coaches, so it won't be as much of a popularity contest so if Wall is playing well enough, he should have a shot. Also, Bradley Beal will be high on the "snub list" once the All-Star selections are announced.

     Cory: With a member of last years Eastern Conference All-Star team being shipped out West, one Jrue Holiday, a vacant guard selection is there for the taking. If Beal can put up 22.5 PPG, 5 RPG, and 2 APG, which at this point in time seem like pretty obtainable numbers, then he should be the playing on All-Star weekend on Sunday night. I also see a scenario where John Wall joins his back court running mate on the East All-Stars. If Rondo doesn't return, and return fully healthy, before mid-December then John should have a real shot at taking his spot on the All-Stars. 

Playoffs: Yes or No? If so, what seed?

     Asad: Yes....7th seed. Over 40 wins in the East should mean a top 5 team but this year I think the emergence of several teams like the Brooklyn Nets, will be harder to make the playoffs.  Again, I could be wrong.

     Pasquale: While the top five seeds in the East are all but accounted for, the remaining three spots have no less than six contenders. When the dust settles next spring, the Wizards will be on the outside looking in, finding themselves in 10th place, ahead of the Raptors and just below the Hawks.

     Trevor: Going off of my prediction of 39 wins, I am going to say yes, Washington will make the playoffs as the 8th seed. Last year the Bucks landed the 8th with 38 wins and the Celtics were 7th with 41 wins. Earlier in the summer, and prior to the Okafor news, I was predicting the Wiz to have a shot at as best as the 6th seed. They still could potentially battle for 6th or 7th with Detroit, Cleveland, and Milwaukee, but I think projecting them in the 8th spot is fairly close to a safe bet.

     Cory: We know how the top five seeds are going to shake out. The Heat, Bulls, Pacers, Knicks, and Nets have those spots locked down. The 6th-8th seeds should be up in the air between three teams: the Cavs, the Pistons, and the Wizards. Detroit's front court could very well be the best in the league by the season's end if Andre Drummond keeps playing like a young Dwight Howard. I'll slot the Pistons as the 6th seed due to their skilled athletic bigs. I see Washington beating out the Cavs by a game or two for the 7th seed due to the fact that they have a little more veteran leadership on the roster. Remember, the last team the Wizards defeated in a playoff series was the Bulls. It could happen again right?

1 Bold Prediction:

     Asad: Wizards will win the division (this isn't even bold...this was just plain wrong to say). This won't happen until we have a dominant center along with Wall/Beal and others.  So this is a bold prediction for sure.  Even the font for this answer is bold.

     Pasquale: As of right now, the Wizards have John Wall and their 2014 1st round draft pick. Come April, one of those will no longer belong to the team. The draft choice will be shipped off to either ensure a playoff seed or postseason run, or Wall, fed up with the team’s stalling in the lottery, will be dealt to a contender.

     Trevor: Glen Rice Jr. is going to have a sizable role on this team. When the dust settles after a trade is made, it is going to open up a spot for Rice to make an impact as the 7th to 8th guy off the bench in a scoring role. He will average near 10 points a game and will play heavy 4th quarter minutes when small ball is needed. 

     Cory: The Wizards will land Omer Asik before the month of November finishes. The experiment of playing Dwight and Asik together will start off rocky and Asik will demand a trade after being regulated to a bench role. Enter the expiring contract of Trevor Ariza and a future first round pick. 

And now time for Terry's version:

Leading Scorer:

     I had to think about this one for a bit...

     ...but then I realized this debate is a little like the chicken or the egg. Will Beal lead the team in scoring because Wall trusts him more this year? Or will Wall score more because he finally has a consistent shooter surrounding him? All that being said, I think Wall's improved jump shot will get him around 22pts/game. Beal will come close, around 17pts/game.

Predict The Record:

     44-38? Sounds optimistic but reasonable. (But we might need a little help.)

Any All-Star Appearances?

     I guarantee 1 player, and hope 3 will make the All-Star game. Count on Wall having a breakout season. Without any knuckleheads (Blatche, McGee, Young) on the team, Wall is sure to dominate. I'm hopeful that Beal and Nene can stay healthy and benefit from Wall's improvement.

Playoffs: Yes or No? If so, what seed?

     I'll let Randy Savage answer that:

     Enough with the hopeless optimism, the Wizards are good enough to make the playoffs. Even with Okafor out, I expect this team to be either the 6 or 7 seed.

1 Bold Prediction:

     Jan Vesely will end the season as a starter... Now I know most of you are looking at me like this:

     But I honestly think Vesely's confidence is sky high and his game will show it.

     P.S. I also predict Nene will play at least 70 games this year.

Feel free to give us your thoughts and predictions in the comments section below. And give a follow on Twitter to the contributors of this post: Asad Naqvi [@AsadNaqviDMV], Pasquale Prezioso [@PasqualeGMP], Cory Grubbs [@CoryGrubbs10], Terry Whitehead [@wizardsfanreact] and Trevor Jackson [@tjackson85]. 

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