Expert Reactions on the latest ads featuring John Wall

Posted on October 18, 2013 by Terry Whitehead

As a Wizards fan I have been pleasantly surprised to see John Wall in so many new ads. Between the NBA (see Trevor Jackson's post)  and Best Buy, John Wall has been much more visible on a global scale.

Here are some Gifs from the Best Buy commercial starring John Wall...


He then gives this dude a lil dougie and then- 


Being a fan of everything that is Wizard, I know that I can't have a completely objective opinion of any Wizard in any ad (e.g. Brendan Haywood and Eastern Motors. Yeah, I thought those were the absolute best). So I looked for expert reactions that might validate my enthusiasm.

Here is Inside the Actors Studio's James Lipton:


This is the single greatest performance I have ever seen in any Best Buy adThe ability to show his full range as an actor is truly remarkable.
-J. Lipton

From Washington insider, John McLaughlin:


If only Capitol Hill performed as well as John Wall in his Best Buy ad... Bye Bye.
- J. McLaughlin

There we have it! From film critics to political junkies, everyone agrees John Wall is much more than just a basketball superstar.

*obviously, these quotes aren't real.

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