Al Harrington Pulls The Chair Out On Andray Blatche [VIDEO]

Posted on October 10, 2013 by Trevor Jackson

"Have a seat"

Al Harrington is starting his 16th season in the NBA. Along the way, he has picked up plenty of those savvy old men moves that frequent your local ballin establishments. On Tuesday night, he exercised the age old "pull the chair out" move flawlessly against former Verizon Center resident Andray Blatche.

Our own Jammal Matthews was there to witness it himself, and tweeted this from the WX Twitter account:

For the few fans that were in attendance, this had to be one of their favorite highlights of the game as "7 Day Dray" has replaced Kwame Brown as the favorite person to boo in the Verizon Center.

Here is the play in photo form:

And there was much rejoicing. Check out the video below:

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