Quotes and Quips from Tuesday's Training Camp

Posted on October 02, 2013 by Cory Grubbs

Training camp is coming down to the final stretch with Wednesday being the final day. The Washington Wizards wrapped up Tuesday's training camp with some more injury news. Trevor Ariza joined the list of banged up Wizards that includes Emeka Okafor, Chris Singleton, Otto Porter, and Trevor Booker. While Ariza's injury is not considered to be serious (sore calf), it does hamper the motto that most fans had for this coming season: "Stay Healthy". 

After practice winded down on Tuesday, we had a chance to talk with some of the players. Here's the best quotes and quips from Tuesday's training camp.

Jan Vesely

"Helped a lot to get my confidence down". Talking about how his busy off-season has helped him for this season.

"The week I had off was enough" When asked about if he thought a busy off-season was good for him. 

Eric Maynor 

The Wizards new back-up PG was saying all the right things after practice on Tuesday. 

"We're getting better everyday. The guys feel good. Th coaches feel good" - On training camp through four days.

"I'm good right now. I'm starting to realize where guys want the ball. I'm picking it up fast." - Regarding picking up the offense.

"I knew he was fast....I want to figure out who's the fastest between him (Wall) and Russell Westbrook." Maynor comparing his current starting PG and the man he used to back up in Oklahoma City. 

"John's a good leader. He leads by example because he works hard. Good teammate. Great Guy. Works hard. Good player." When asked if he saw any Durant-esque leadership qualities in Wall. 

Garrett Temple

"No not really. Just trying to get better everyday." When asked if there was a theme to this year's training camp.

"It's crazy. He's a guy I've got close to....I'm going to push him and he's going to push me...The better we are, the better our team will be." On competing with Eric Maynor for minutes off the bench. 

"Yeah we are pretty chill guys. We play video games and play cards....We've been playing a lot of spades. No money involved obviously. All about pride...Glen Rice Jr. is the biggest talker on the team. Bar none." Talking about how the team has come together off the court. 

"E Maynor and Glen got a pretty good twosome going....I mean Eric has a tattoo of cards on him. He knows some things we don't know. I think he's a card shark." When asked who's the best spades players. 

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