Forget Dr. Oz, Ask Dr. Ray!

Posted on October 01, 2013 by Asad Naqvi

The Washington Wizards seem like they always start off on the wrong leg (pun intended) before the season starts. Injuries have succumb them as it started off with the heart wrenching news about Emeka Okafor being out for possibly the season with a herniated disk.  Then couple of days later, their #3 selection of the 2013 NBA Draft, Otto Porter, is out with a injured hip flexor.

When does the nightmare end?

Ball Hogs Radio Network's official doctor, Dr. Ray Solano (@DrRaySolano), thinks that Porter may not have anything serious at all but it's an injury to look out for, "Since Porter is day-to-day, that tells me it's a mild strain.  Normally, this is a 2-3 week injury."

The good doc further explains that it's an injury not to take lightly either, "When the term 'day to day' is referenced, we're talking about a grade 1 strain.  A grade 1 hip flexor strain can take 2-3 weeks to heal," then further explains the nagging injury, "The injury  may cause Porter to compensate (distribute his weight unevenly), thus exacerbating his previous hamstring injury.  I don't expect the hip flexor injury to go away anytime soon. This injury is one to watch."

With that said, here is wishful thinking that Otto Porter comes back healthy from this injury and contributes with no further setbacks.  

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